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Welcome to Danielchapterone
​Nearly thirty years ago, Daniel Chapter One was started to bring spiritual and fleshly healing to the sick, to promote healthy eating and Bible-based natural medicine, and to help support home churches world-wide. While the founders, Jim and Tricia Feijo, have ministered all over the world, they are based in a house church in Rhode Island. From there they host a daily call-in radio program and meet and minister to people as the Lord tells them to, believing and teaching that Yahweh is Lord God of all creation and truly the Great Physician.  

Thousands of people have been helped and healed through Daniel Chapter One. Many of them the doctors had no help for; some had even been sent home to die with “incurable diseases” like cancer. Because of their work the Feijos developed a line of all natural dietary supplements which, used properly, can replace most harmful synthetic drugs – breaking the bondage of pharmacology. You may consider this alternative medicine, or complimentary or integrative medicine, but Daniel Chapter One believes that natural remedies that support and balance the body are the true medicine!

Modern medicines, once called “wonder drugs”, are not designed to improve health. At best they maintain a status quo, but worse, they all cause negative effects in the body which can be fatal. Drugs are poisons. Our Creator Father in heaven, however, has already given us everything needed for health and happiness! Where drugs are toxic, His herbs and nutrients nourish and heal our bodies. They are from the earth, as man was created from the earth.  

Daniel Chapter One holds to the Bible as being the Word of God, and attempts to fulfill its commands. Thus, in seeking to further the Kingdom of God on earth, we consider others more important than ourselves, that we are our brother’s keeper, and the worker is worth his wages.  

For this reason an affiliate program has been started called “The Daniel Chapter One People Store” -- to enable anyone to join in this crucial Health Ministry. If you are pleased with Daniel Chapter One products, spread the message! Many are sick and suffering, still deceived or perishing for lack of knowledge. Many others realize that drugs are not the answer, and are desperate for high-quality natural alternatives. 

The fields are ripe, the harvest is ready! 
We are honored to be able to minister to you, and with you, in these last days.

In Service to the King of Kings and Lord and Lords,
Jim and Tricia, founders of Daniel Chapter One

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